A Pink Sparkly Prom

Saturday, May 13th 2017. One of the most magical and amazing nights of my life. Prom. Everything was perfect and what I have always dreamed of!  And it was the perfect way to finish off my extremely hectic week of AP finals! Also, as you can tell from the title, it was pink and sparkly which are two of my favorite things! ❤

  • 8:30

Since I had to skate for an hour this morning (even though it was Prom!) I had a light breakfast of fresh fruit (in a smiley face 🙂 ), a chocolate chip Van’s waffle, and a cup of coffee with almond milk. Whenever I work out or skate, I like to eat just a little before so I have some energy, but don’t feel sick.


  • 12:30

After skating, I ate a quick lunch of a spinach salad and an English muffin. It’s important to eat light meals before big events so you won’t be bloated in all your pictures! Plus it makes dinner after taste that much better 😉 I personally was also not that hungry today, possibly because of nerves and excitement! Then, I went to the Color Room to get my hair done! I choose a half up half down style so it would stay out of my face, but so I could still wear my hair down!img_8836.jpg

  • 2:00

After I got my hair done, I went to Nordstrom’s for my makeup! I love the Laura Mercier counter, and I always get my makeup done here for school dances! They are so nice and friendly and do a great job make up-wise! Once I got my makeup done, I went home, watched tv and had a few healthy snacks.IMG_9746IMG_9746.jpg

  • 6:00

Picture time! I met my boyfriend Will at the Biltmore around 6:00 and we took pictures for about an hour or so. It was a lot of fun! However, the one struggle I dealt with was my dress. We accidentally ordered the wrong size so it didn’t exactly fit correctly… It was too big everywhere… So, that just meant that I was contasntly pulling it up for pictures, at dinner, at Prom and that it wasn’t really all that fitted like it was supposed to be.. But oh well! It still looked good for pictures and I got lots of compliments on it throughout the night!


  • 7:30

We ate dinner with my friend Siena and her date at Bella Vista, which is a fancy Italian restaurant in the Biltmore. It was very delicious! We all got pasta dishes since most of the stuff on the menu was a bit foofoo, but nonetheless, it was great!


And most importantly, they had the biggest and the best molten chocolate souffle ever!! Check out the video of it on my instagram @thehealthyishlife ! It was steaming hot since it was freshly baked (you have to ask for it 20 minutes ahead) and was served with some berries, chocolate cookie crumbs and some special sauces! If you haven’t guessed already, dessert is the most important meal of the day in my opinion 😉

  • 9:00

Finally time for Prom!! We arrived fashionably late since dinner took slightly longer than expected, but hey, all the cool people show up late anyway 😉 The venue was at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum and was decorated very beautifully! There was a place for photos, drinks and of course a dance floor! Overall, it was such a magical night because I got to spend it with my best friends and it will be a night I will remember forever ❤

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