The Best Healthy Ice Cream Flavors and Brands!

I have always been a huge lover of ice cream, but everyone knows ice cream is not the healthiest thing, sadly. 😦 A little but of it in moderation doesn’t hurt anyone, but having a few servings everyday is probably not the best for your health. Thankfully, people have found a solution to this dilemma by creating ‘healthier ice creams’ that actually taste good! The brands below are my go-tos for light ‘ice creams’ and are either vegan or protein based! And I can assure you they still taste great!! Be sure to give them a try and let me know your favorites!!

Halo Top – Protein

  • Best Flavors: Red Velvet and Chocolate

Halo Top is the first healthy ice cream that I’ve been like wow, this tastes real! The texture is very realistic to regular ice cream, however I would recommend leaving it on the counter for 10 minutes to soften it up because there is not much fat in it and it is protein based. Most of the flavors I have tried have a very good flavor but I have found that a few of them taste slightly artificial (such as Cookies & Cream) but can be easily masked by adding additional toppings! Some other flavors that I have enjoyed are: Vanilla, Mint Chip (needs more chocolate shavings in my opinion), PB Cup (once again more chocolate), and Birthday Cake!

Texture: 10/10     Taste: 8/10     Overall: 10/10

Calories: 60-90     Sugar: 6 grams     Protein: 5 grams     Fat: 3 grams    Per Serving

Enlightened – Protein

  • Best Flavor: Triple Chocolate

I had been hearing a lot about Enlightened ice cream over social media, some of it was negative, some was positive. The negative comments had initially scared me away from trying it, but the other day, I was wanting something new so I went ahead and bought a pint! I’m not sure if they have revised their recipe since those negative comments, but I actually really enjoyed it! I have only tried the triple chocolate, so I can only speak for that one flavor. The texture was pretty close to regular ice cream, just be sure to leave it on the counter for a bit to soften like the Halo Top due to the high protein and low fat content. I really liked that there was a lot of mix-ins (chocolate chips and chocolate syrup for this flavor) and they did not skimp on them like most healthy ice creams! My one complaint is the sugar alcohol taste is slightly evident, however not too noticeable.

Texture: 9/10     Taste: 8/10     Overall: 9/10

Calories: 60-90     Sugar: 6 grams     Protein: 7 grams     Fat: 2 grams    Per Serving

Pressed Juicery – Vegan

  • Best Flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla

Pressed Juicery is a fresh juice chain in Southern California (sorry East Coasters!) that serves some of their juices is a ‘freeze’ form, aka froyo. I love this stuff because it is all natural, very few ingredients are used (usually 4-5), all of which are vegan, and it is tasty too and can fulfill any froyo craving I have! The only thing is it is a bit of an acquired taste, just like coffee. I tend to like healthier and more natural tasting things, so no wonder I’m a huge fan! But if you are more picky or are more used to typical ice cream, you may not like it at first, but I still advise you to give it a try!! Pressed also offers healthy toppings such as fresh fruit, shredded coconut and my favorite, the cacao glaze, aka healthy magic shell!

Texture: 10/10     Taste: 7/10     Overall: 8/10

Calories: 60-80     Sugar: 4-12 grams     Protein: 1-3 grams     Fat: 1-3 grams    Per Serving

Dairy-Free Ben & Jerry’s – Vegan

  • Best Flavors: Coffee Caramel Fudge and Coconut 7 Layer Bar

Texture: 10/10     Taste: 10/10     Overall: 10/10

Ok, first off I will start by saying this is not necessarily a healthy ice cream. However, I will argue that it is healthier than regular Ben & Jerry’s! Also, that just gives me an excuse to buy it and eat more of it, so just go with me on this one. To me, it tastes just like regular ice cream! Which means it tastes amazing because it’s Ben and Jerry’s! My true love!! Anyway, instead of using milk and cream, almond milk and coconut oil are the main ingredients (hey they are healthy!) for the base of the ice cream. The flavor is only slightly noticeable, but I actually kinda like it! I’m also kinda weird and I choose to eat dairy free ice cream and am not vegan… The mix ins are great and are not sparse, so you can be sure to expect lots of fudge chunks and graham cracker swirls! I have not tried all of the flavors, but the ones I have tried have exceeded my expectations, so if you like Ben and Jerry’s, be sure to try them out! They will not disappoint!

Calories: 200-340   Sugar: 16-29 grams     Protein: 2 grams     Fat: 12 grams    Per Serving

2 thoughts on “The Best Healthy Ice Cream Flavors and Brands!

  1. I love ice cream so it’s great to know there are delicious yet healthy options! Great reviews. Where did you find these kinds? Keep up the awesome posts :)!


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